• Two-Post Lift – Duolift-BTE-3500

    Automotive lifts for wheel service and general vehicle repair that fits your needs

  • Monty-1000

    Tire changing equipment designed to increase technician productivity and provide maximum cosmetic safety

  • Wheel Balancers – Geodyna-3700

    Wheel balancing solution for repair shops, tire centers, dealerships and fleets

  • Wheel Aligners – I-Geoliner-Platinum-3

    State-of-the-art Wheel alignment, Measuring Equipment that’s fast, accurate and reliable… Alignment readings in under 2 minutes

  • Simplex 4010ES

    - Smarter, Easier, More Efficient

    - Welcome to notification reinvented

  • Simplex: 4100ES

    - Exciting. Efficient.

    - Extraordinary. Essential.

    - The simplex 4100ES Fire and Life Safety Platform

Quang Thanh is a Vietnam based business that understands your needs and requirements, we are authorized dealers of internationally recognised products that cater to building solutions and your automotive needs. Our team of experienced professional with strong building solutions & automotive can assess your location, find the most suitable equipment / product at a budget youa��re a looking for.

Here at Quang Thanh we understand the needs and requirements of our clients. We understand that our clients dona��t just need a product but a solution. At Quang Thanh we provide our clients with the best of care and pride ourselves in making sure the client is suited with the correct solution that fulfills their needs.